Turning Mythological into Fact

There is a myth on the scene that women do not visit professional dominants? Well, in actual fact, a small minority do. There are only a tiny handful of professional male dominants in the UK, myself being one of them (and probably the most successful) has a 95% male slave stable and the other 5% are females. What’s the difference between a male and female submissive? Not much really. However, women tend to hesitate and are far more reserved than men when it comes to exploring their sexuality. When a female submissive comes to visit me, I am often told that it took great courage to take that first step when deciding to call and then book an appointment with me. Put it this way, it’s not very often a man is approached by a woman in a pub or a club for courting purposes, 99.9% of women expect a man to make the first move and approach her (fact), and this is why women find it difficult to approach people like myself. This is exactly what slave Gemma told me too, because she actually started off visiting me on a professional basis, rather than a casual encounter. Things obviously morphed into a personal agreement once I decided Gemma was fully trained, now she has definitely earned my respect. I have one or two regular female submissives who are now willing to serve alongside Gemma in sessions, so in the near future I will be offering male slaves the opportunity to session alongside two or even three female submissives. Yes, submissive women are in a minority when it comes to visiting professional dominants, but it isn’t a myth. Keep it kinky.