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The Wheel of Misfortune

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / July 23, 2022 / Comments are closed

Frequent visitors to this site may have been wondering, what does my ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ looks like? Well, here it is.

As I spin the wheel, slaves can only look on with an anxious glair in their eyes. Will it be corporal punishment, pony play, watersports, trampling, bondage, sissification or medical play? I guess you will have to find out for yourself.



Turning Mythological into Fact

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / July 7, 2022 / Comments are closed
There is a myth on the scene that women do not visit professional dominants? Well, in actual fact, a small minority do. There are only a tiny handful of professional male dominants in the UK, myself being one of them (and probably the most successful) has a 95% male slave stable and the other 5% are females. What’s the difference between a male and female submissive? Not much really. However, women tend to hesitate and are far more reserved than men when it comes to exploring their sexuality. When a female submissive comes to visit me, I am often told that it took great courage to take that first step when deciding to call and then book an appointment with me. Put it this way, it’s not very often a man is approached by a woman in a pub or a club for courting purposes, 99.9% of women expect a man to make the first move and approach her (fact), and this is why women find it difficult to approach people like myself. This is exactly what slave Gemma told me too, because she actually started off visiting me on a professional basis, rather than a casual encounter. Things obviously morphed into a personal agreement once I decided Gemma was fully trained, now she has definitely earned my respect. I have one or two regular female submissives who are now willing to serve alongside Gemma in sessions, so in the near future I will be offering male slaves the opportunity to session alongside two or even three female submissives. Yes, submissive women are in a minority when it comes to visiting professional dominants, but it isn’t a myth. Keep it kinky.

Hire My Dungeon!

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / June 26, 2022 / Comments are closed

If you didn’t already know, I actually hire out my dungeon! Whenever I’m not busy, you can have the pleasure of booking a few hours with your partner or client. In fact, you are now able to stay overnight in my luxury guest suite!

I welcome professional mistresses, couples, fetish models and photographers. My dungeon is fully equipped for seasoned players and novices. The dungeon is also optimal in size and 100% discreet.

To book my dungeon, please refer to my other website at

Stay kinky.




Kinky Comfort

In New Equipment, News by Sir Christopher Collins / November 18, 2021 / Comments are closed

Doesn’t this look amazing? Finally, my bed has been completed and is ready to house subs. The cage underneath is very large and capable of holding up to five people!

This luxury suite is now ready for couples to use as part of my dungeon hire venture. The suite has a large mounted television with DVD player, plenty of movies to watch and a desk.

Guests also have the privilege of using the kitchen, bathroom and of course the Walsall Dungeon!

There is a free complimentary breakfast for every guest which includes cereal, fruit, toast, tea, coffee or fruit juice.

Twitter: @the_walsall



Cage Bed Update

In New Equipment, News by Sir Christopher Collins / October 21, 2021 / Comments are closed

I have excellent news for those wanting to stay overnight in the guest suite!

Finally, work has again started on the ‘cage bed’ after a few material shortages that the carpenter ran into. I can now safely say that the bed will be erected within two weeks.

I will be adding photos of the guest suite up to this blog once completed, so anyone interested in hiring overnight can see an example.


Twitter: @the_walsall


Refurbishment News

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / September 30, 2021 / Comments are closed

The hallway and bedroom are now finished after a slow but worthwhile process. However, the bedroom hasn’t yet had the ‘cage bed’ installed due to a few material shortages at the carpenters workshop. I am advising all people who require overnight dungeon hire access to wait patiently as the bed is constructed (at least three weeks).

The bathroom is my next project. This room is about to undergo a radical transformation, all existing utilities will be removed and replaced with a brand new toilet, sink, jacuzzi whirlpool bath and heated towel rail radiator. The walls are to be tiled from floor to ceiling, no more wallpaper! I’m not quite sure what to do with the bathroom floor but I’ve been given a few ideas.

The kitchen follows the above project. All units will be taken down and rehomed at a landfill site in Cannock. They will be replaced with new attractive models such as wall cupboards, work surfaces, integrated cooker with hood/extractor fan, dishwasher and new flooring.

An Englishman’s home is his castle 🏰


New Pentagram Feature

In New Equipment, News by Sir Christopher Collins / September 9, 2021 / Comments are closed

My new pentagram has finally been installed above the cage and bondage table.

It looks absolutely amazing with heavy duty LED lights surrounding the star.

This poor wimp had the shock of his life when he discovered that I was about to use his poor cock and balls for electric torture ⚡️

Twitter: @the_walsall


Dungeon Hire News

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / August 28, 2021 / Comments are closed

My premises are being redecorated over the next seven days. The hallway, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are to receive a little tender loving care.

Since the overwhelming success of my dungeon hire venture, I plan to make the place look presidential.

Since couples tend to stay overnight, I’ve decided to purchase a four poster bed with a cage underneath it.

As for the Dungeon, there isn’t any need for refurbishment. However, a week on Monday I am to receive my wheel of misfortune and pentagram. The wheel is a contraption made up of segmented punishments, an unsuspecting slave can only watch as it spins around and then lands on the relevant misery. The pentagram is to be placed on the wall above the cage, it will truly give the dungeon an extremely sinister look for all the right reasons.

Check out @the_walsall on Twitter, follow, like and retweet 👍



The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

In Events by Sir Christopher Collins / August 4, 2021 / Comments are closed

I will be making an appearance at The Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar fetish market and after party on Sunday 15th August.

I will be attending with Kinky Kimberly, Mistress Fiona and a few feeble slaves. Look out for us 👍



Yolks Away

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / May 14, 2021 / Comments are closed

My new yolk has finally been made for me after a long and anxious wait.

This heavy chunk of wood has been carefully hand crafted into the style of a medieval punishment device, which fits uncomfortably around the neck and wrists.

This yolk is capable of having chains attached and hooked up to my suspension bar. This contraption surely is a magnificent piece of kit.

Check out @CarpenterKinky on Twitter for bespoke fetish furniture and equipment.