Ball Crusher

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / May 2, 2021 / Comments are closed

Seriously naughty boys will be delighted to know that I’ve had them a new ball crusher made.

I was over the moon when @CarpenterKinky came around to deliver this brutal contraption, which now has a permanent and perverted position here in my dungeon.

If cock and ball torture is your thing, then you won’t mind me using this bully on your pathetic genitals ☠️


New Straightjacket

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / May 1, 2021 / Comments are closed

Finally, the new straightjacket has arrived and ready for lovers of heavy bondage!

This highly claustrophobic little goodie is made from pure leather, fairly large in size, plenty of straps and will definitely fit any slave.

I can’t wait to strap you down on the bondage bed while you’re wearing this 😈


New Penis Probe

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / April 12, 2021 / Comments are closed

This new urethral sound has a sinister feature, it can be hooked up to an electric stimulation unit.

Slaves are in total ecstasy once this contraption is inserted down their cock. Low, medium or high power…this is shockingly good fun ⚡️





Pumped Up!

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / April 8, 2021 / Comments are closed

I’ve picked myself up a penis pump for those partial to cock and ball torture. Although not the most extreme of tools in my collection, it certainly gives that added kick which will have your cock stiff in a jiffy.

This contraption will have you hard for hours after use and even the next day according to one of my slaves. It also works well with electric stimulation.


A Very Special Guest

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / April 7, 2021 / Comments are closed

Mistress Paisley Black visited my dungeon yesterday for a photoshoot.

Once finished we engaged in serious scene talk about post COVID-19, events and other general chitchat regarding kink.

It is quite possible that Mistress Paisley Black will be taking sessions here at my dungeon in the near future. She is extremely confident, well educated and beautiful.

Please head on over to Twitter and give her a follow @paisleyblack_x


New Dragon Cane

Time for glowing cheeks!

I’ve purchased this beauty from ‘Jacks Floggers’.  At 33 inches, this is sure to warm up that post lockdown bottom of yours.

Mild to severe cainings guaranteed 🔥


New Bondage (The Sleep) Sack

Heavy bondage lovers will be extremely pleased to know that I have purchased two ‘bondage sleep sacks’. One is medium in size, the other fairly large.

Perfectly safe but highly claustrophobic, this definitely isn’t for beginners. Only experienced players will want to sample this bondage extravaganza.

The sack has a front zip for cock/ball torture, also there is a zipper on the back for anal abuse. Hood is optional once fitted comfortably inside. Bound to please 😉


New Birch

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / March 26, 2021 / Comments are closed

My new Acetel Birch! Fifty centimetres in length, this is sure to pack a serious punch 🥊

Seasoned players need only apply to sample it’s wrath. Thanks to Jacks Floggers.



New Hood

In New Equipment by Sir Christopher Collins / March 25, 2021 / Comments are closed

Another new latex hood added to my stunning rubber collection. I just can’t help myself when it comes to the bizarre side of sensory deprivation! Which slave wants to wear it?


Kinky Tradesman Wanted

In News by Sir Christopher Collins / March 25, 2021 / Comments are closed

I require a painter & decorator to give my premises a makeover. I supply the materials, in return you will be given a free session with a date of your choice. References needed. No cowboys. 07961458420